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World Portal

Other than history, the topic I am incredibly passionate about is geography. I love to explore the world and I love to learn all about the people who call Mother Earth Home. Here you'll find a few short snapshots (and some big deep dives) of history and culture into some of the countries from around the world. I'm always adding to this section as I believe understanding the world will help develop understand between all people.

Happy exploring!

Click below to go to a full blog on each location. 

Ukraine flag.png

Where: Eastern Europe

Status: Republic, currently parts are invaded by Russia

Population: 44 million (approx.)

Click here for multiple blogs and posts about the current situation and history of the nation

Where: Eastern Europe / Northern Asia

Status: Debatable

Population: 145 million (approx)

Click here for the Russian Page of this site

russian flag.png

Where: Atlantic Ocean

Status: British Overseas Territory

Population: 4,500 (approx). 

Claim to Fame: The island Napoleon was exiled to. 

Click here for full blog

Click here for Napoleon Story


Where: Oceania (north of Australia)

Status: Papua New Guinea (PNG) is independent while Western New Guinea remains under Indonesian control. 

Population: 14.8 million (approx.)

PNG = 9 million (approx.)

Western New Guinea = 5.8 (approx.)

Claim to Fame: PNG is home to the Kokoda Trail where a series of battles were fought during WWII

Click here for full blog

Gabon np on map.jpg

Where: Central Equatorial Africa

Status: Republic (questionable)

Population: 2.1 million (approx.)

Claim to Fame: loango National Park "Eden"

Click here for full blog

Gabon np on map.jpg
Gabon np on map.jpg

Where: Central West Africa

Status: Republic (unstable)

Population: 5 million (approx.)

Claim to Fame: Not being the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the "other" Congo).

Click here for full blog

History generally doesn't change so I obtain most of the history from the books below while I get the most recent facts and figures from the CIA World Fact Book.

The World Fact Book by the CIA 

"The World" by Lonely Planet (2014)

"Geographica: World Atlas and Encyclopedia" published by Random House Australia (2008)

"Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas" by National Geographic (2014)

"SBS World Guide: The Complete Fact File on Every Country, 16th edition" (2008)

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