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Who am I?

Since I can remember I have been busy reading, writing and sharing what I've learnt with anyone who would listen. 

If we don't learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it so the question must be asked - why don't we learn?


Is it because most people find history at school boring? I am constantly surprised that people find, what I consider to be commonly known stories, fascinating as they hear them for the first time. 

This fact spurs me on to continue reading, writing and sharing things that I find fascinating with all of those around me. In fact I was thrilled to find that people actually like to hear these stories and that they wanted to know more! I was also overjoyed that they were actually listening!

As the CEO of a heritage organisation I realise that I have the capacity to direct what is taught and what is learnt but the sharing of knowledge and a thirst for it should not be forced. As such our amazing team have to pick and choose what stories are shared and sometimes this means we don't get to tell the stories we necessarily want to. This was why I created my own forum for those historic tales.

I believe that history should be accessible but more often than not it is depicted as the realm of academics and intellectuals. This deters many people but I ask you, who creates history? It isn't just the "elite", it is everyone so this is why I try and make history fun and easy. 

Most of these stories on my blog are not new. Some will be well known while some may be lesser known but one thing remains the same, all are stories worth sharing. At the end of the day I'd write these tales if no one read them so having a, hopefully, captive audience is an added bonus. 

Welcome to "My History Story"!

Why the title?

"She Believed she could, so she did" is a quote that I often recite to myself.

Some days it seems everything is too hard but then I ask myself if I think I can do it and 99% of the time the answer is yes. Therefore this quote has inspired this blog.

Q: "Can I create a historic blog and keep up with all of my other responsibilities and projects"

A; "Sure, so I will". (Possibly a terrible idea but I am passionate about history!)

Quick Facts About Me

CEO of the Museum of Fire Penrith

History and Heritage professional dedicated to the preservation of history for future generations. 

Dog Mum to the Museum's mascot Duke and rescue pup pest specialist Suki!


P: 0482 962 544

Follow me @mof_ceo

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