Museums and Places

As I’m missing travelling so much, especially to great historic places I decided to start re-visiting the guides I have purchased from many Museums around the globe.


I am a bad Museum visitor in many ways as I do not read all of the text the curators and exhibition designers have spent so long writing. Instead I only read what attracts me and I purchase the guide book at the end so I can take it home and read about what I’d seen in my own time. For this reason I have a lot of guide books so I’ve decided to start reading through them again and reminiscing.

This serves as the basis for the places I've noted below. As time allows I will add to this collection of Museums and historic places that I really enjoy. 


The Hermitage

St. Petersburg, Russia

With a title “The Hermitage in 1 Hour”, I thought this was a good book to spend a little bit of time reading. It was great to take a trip back to the Hermitage.

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Pictured Here: I am that person who marks pages as I read with post-it notes so that I can go back and research more about the things discussed in a historic text. 


The Tower of London

London, United Kingdom

The first book I randomly grabbed off my shelf was “Experience the Tower of London Souvenir Guidebook” (Historic Royal Places, 2007).

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Pictured Above: Tower of London taken on my 2016 visit