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History Happens Every Day: 2023

Updated: Mar 18

What happens today is history tomorrow. Here is a run-down on some of the most newsworthy stories from across the year.

(This blog is updated monthly with new stories).


Top left to bottom right.

📝 China opened its borders to international visitors for the first time since bans were put in place back in March 2020. At the same time many countries-imposed travel restrictions on China due to growing COVID-19 cases within the country as covid policies are relaxed. (3 Jan & 8 Jan)

📝In a shock announcement t New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern resigns her post (19 Jan)

📝In Brazil supporters of the former President storm the National Congress, the Federal Court & the Presidential Palace hoping to overthrow the new democratically elected President. A State of Emergency was declared and after five hours all three locations were cleared of protesters. The buildings were extensively vandalized with many historic artworks stolen or destroyed. Around the world the riot has been condemned. (8 Jan)

📝Widespread protests & unrest erupt in Israel following an Israeli military raid that left 9 Palestinians dead. In retaliation 7 Jews are killed. This comes at a time when there is mass opposition to the newly appointed government in Israel which is implementing measures to limit the powers of other judiciary bodies. (30 Jan)


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📝Chinese spy balloons make world news as they are tracked across mainland USA before being shot down. Reports began on the 3 February however it is thought the incident began at the end of January.

📝An earthquake measuring 7.8 strikes the Turkey-Syria region on 6 February causing at least 50,000 deaths and more than 122,000 injuries with widespread damage. A second earthquake measuring 6.4 hit on the 20 February in southern Turkey. It was also felt in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

📝One year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine is marked, 24 February.

(Images: The Guardian, Scientific America and the New York Post).

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